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The Sleeping Wall- more than just a place saving solution. It presents an elaborate possibility where functionality meets design. With its peerless features and different styles that LA IN Living offers its customers it creates a new way of living that will change the meaning of comfort zone. The Sleeping Wall transforms homes and coalesce the sleeping and living room. After many years of experience LA IN Living learned that a home is a reflection of an ideal private retreat.

Therefore the Design Team of LA IN Living not only create an unique furniture relating on functions but also on design in order to make the best piece that fits perfectly together with your home. The Sleeping Wall is available in three different shapes of styles: NAOS (without a sofa), IZAR (two seated) and AVIOR (with a lounge). Furthermore the beds of all those forms can be controlled manual or automatic. On the basis on its ability to need no support when the bed is open the Sleeping Wall is the only kind of its art that achieve such a benefit. This free floating solution will not bear on the sofa therefore the material will not be destroyed and gives the customers the possibility to create their home as they like.

Also its belts that are fixed inside the bed are an easy way to clamp the pillows and the blanket for more comfort.

With all those features and opportunities LA IN Living follows its concepts to make the furniture world smarter for your best way of living.